austin hayes owner hayes lawn and landscaping

Austin Hayes — Owner

In 2010 Austin Hayes started Hayes Family Lawn Care. Starting as a family business, with hard work and good values the company has had tremendous growth every year since. In 2013 Hayes Family Lawn Care became Hayes Lawn & Landscape, LLC. Through the years Austin has been fortunate to surround the company and himself with outstanding coworkers that have an excellent knowledge of all landscape fields. He and his family started the business in Oklahoma City where they are currently still involved in day to day operations.

austin hayes owner hayes lawn and landscaping

Kevin Burrows — Company Superintendent

Kevin has a long background in remodeling and construction with an impeccable eye for detail, he is in charge of fleet management and operations. Coming on board in 2016 he has added a pinnacle part to the quality that Hayes Lawn & Landscape has to offer. Kevin and his family live in Oklahoma City but are over all operations covering the state of Oklahoma.


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